Use of the Love Remedies

Dosage Bottle:

Love Remedies Flower Essences dosage bottle

Take the closed bottle and lightly tap against the palm of the hand 30 times to aktivate the vibration.
Dosage bottles are preserved with alcohol and then potentised. In this form the Love Remedies can be taken orally, and also be applied directly to the body or used in other ways described below.

When taking the essence orally, donít swallow it, but for best results keep 3 drops under the tongue as long as possible.
Take 3-4 times daily or as advised by the therapist.
The remedy can also be taken by adding 6 drops into a glass of water, sir and sip the mixture.


Love Remedies blends of flower essences

Most flower essences most commonly come in dropper bottles, but Love Remedies also come in pump action spray bottles. This guarantees easy effective application. One pump action, the recommended dosage, is applied in a very fine spray to the mucous membranes under the tongue, which is very important for best results. One pump action is equal to about three drops from a dropper bottle (or 0.14 millilitres, if youíre interested in scientific precision).
Use like the Dosage Bottles. Take min. 3 times a day and in challenging situations or as advised by the therapist.


Love Remedies Aurasprays of flower essences
Spray the mist though your crown chakra so the mist drifts down as a veil over your face through to your throat an heart chakra.

Use your intuition on how much spray you require: it can be as little as 5 or up to 20 spays.

Other ways to enjoy your flower essences:

Be imaginative and creative in your healing. Flower essences can be used in beauty and hair treatments, in massage, shiatsu, and reflexology and can also be applied to acupuncture points.

  • Bath: add 6 drops (or two sprays) to the bath water.

  • Anointing the body: use 1 to 3 drops (or one spray) on the anointing points.

  • Auric massage: use 1 to 3 drops (or one spray) for auric massage.

  • Spray mist bottles: add 6 drops (or two sprays) to 100-ml bottle of mineral water or rainwater.

  • Compresses: add 6 drops (or 2 sprays) to 1/2 litre of water.

  • Add essences to massage oils, vinegars, creams and ointments.