Therapists Kits of Love Remedies flower essences

For Therapists

Love Remedies
The inovation of Australian flower essences

This special flower remedies are very popular with therapists.
Itīs because of the new extraction method that doesnīt harm the plants.

Therapists can get special conditions / discount.

Please ask via email or send us your registration document.

Products of Love Remedies Australian flower essences

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 ProductDescription Price 
Therapists Kit of Love Remedies Australian flower essences 20100

Therapists Kit

Love Remedies
Australian Flower Essences
45 Stockbottles + equipment

Content information about flower essences stockbottles 
£ 710,00
including VAT/GST + Delivery costs
Base price: £ 157,77 per 100ml
Delivery: within 2 - 5 days
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 For Therapists Dscription
Books, cards and poster Books, cards and poster These are the books, cards and poster of the Australian flower essences Love Remedies 
Stockbottles Stockbottles Stockbottles of Love Remedies
Australian Flower Essences
for preparing dosage bottles by therapists. 
Seminars Seminars Seminars about the Australian flower essences by Love Remedies for therapists 
Equipment Equipment Equipment for flower essences therapy
Bottles, Pipettes, Vaporizer, Labels