The Creation of Love Remedies flower essences

By Juta Stepanovs

Flowers essences and Love Remedies have changed my life. They can certainly change yours too! My partner in Love Remedies creation, Harald Tietze, and I travelled some 25,000 kilometres to collect flower essences for the Love Remedies.
It was the most exciting and rewarding journey of my life. I reconnected with nature on a new level. I could relate to the flowers and allow them to teach me about myself. Appreciating the many gifts of plants and flowers led me to discover a new method of making flower essences that respects the life of the flowers and creates more potent healing. You will appreciate the advantages of the Love Remedies as we explore in detail this wonderful world of flower essences.

Creating Flower Essences and the Love Remedies

Flower essences do not just embody the plant kingdom’s healing energy, but also carry the power of nature’ s elements. The sun (or even in some cases the moon) is vital in flower essence creation. This shining star strengthens and enlivens or solarises the flower’s energy in an essence. And as mentioned, water is a crucial ingredient because it is the recorder and the carrier of the plant’s frequencies into our body.

The Birth of Love Remedies
Stepanovs Method

The Stepanovs method is a response to concerns about the challenges that we face in this new millennium. In light of these times of increasing environmental depletion, Juta wanted to find an improved method to extract the essences that was kinder to nature and the flowers and would not take anything more away from the environment than was necessary.

In light of these times of increased emotional stress, conflicts within self, and wars still rampant, she wanted to find a more peaceful way to create remedies that did not unduly stress the plants that gave of their healing energy so generously. In a time when many of us are listless from the struggles of our lives, she felt there had to be way to bring more vitality to flower essences, essences that had "more life" to them.

Many of these concerns arose from the fact that parts of the plant were cut off to make flower essences, and disquiet over the quality of water used to hold the energy frequencies.
All these would deeply affect the power and the potency of the essences.

This method was inspired by the Aborigines’ respect for the plants. When making remedies for emotional healing, Aborigines do not cut the flowers but simply pour water continuously over them and collect it in a bowl. This procedure is repeated a number of times using the same water.

The beauty of the Stepanovs Method is that no part of the plant is removed or harmed in making the essence. No water is added in the extraction process either. Instead, containers are placed over flowers or other parts of the plant. The plant relies on its own ability to draw water deep from the earth. Once the extraction is complete, the plant continues its life in the wild, wholly intact.

First, Do No Harm

Over the years, while working with plants as an aromatherapist, wild crafter and developer of herbal remedies, Juta had developed intuitive connection with plants. Through her intimacy with them, she developed the strong conviction that many methods of plant extraction can be unnecessarily harsh on the plant.

She found it hard to understand how we could harm a plant to produce an essence if all we needed was its energy imprint for healing. A plant can go through shock or trauma when cut. This negative energy will be automatically transferred to our bodies, especially if we use plant extracts for healing the emotions. Scientific experiments reported in books such as "The Secret Life of Plants" by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird show that plants too have the ability to feel stress and pain if parts of them are summarily wounded or harmed. With the Stepanovs Method, the plants feel no such trauma, so the body receives only their loving, healing energies.

The philosophy underpinning natural healing is that we rebalance the whole person - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To increase the chances of bringing about this wholeness in people, we need remedies that radiate wholeness and wellness themselves. Since the Love Remedies were developed with the co-operation of the whole plant, it carries the energies of this wholeness.

Juta also felt that making remedies by cutting off parts of the plant would also decrease the power of the "chi" or life force of the plant, (and also the flower essence) since it was cut off from its source of life. Love Remedies hold the power of living plants in the prime of their lives.