Love Remedies for our Times

"Every flower essence has its own unique healing energy that lifts our vibrations and unblocks the channels within our minds to assist our body’s own natural healing process. Flowers usually concentrate and focus spiritual properties to a more specific level than the rest of the plant. The vibrational effects of flower essences are felt on subtle levels and support the physical body to help us," believes Juta.

Flowers, by their very nature are made for love and so heal with love. "Flowers have their particular purpose, seeking to attract insects to reproduce the plant. This is the most wonderful time for a plant. It is its time of love. It is also the most difficult period in a plant’s life, since most flowers need the assistance of others, like the wind or insects, to fulfil the purpose of reproduction. This is why the frequencies of the flowers can assist us in difficult times as well," explains Juta.

According a dear friend and astrologer, Rosemary Bauer, flowers are ruled by the planet of Venus. Venus encourages us to bring our hearts’ fondest passions to life so that we may make our unique offerings to the world. The change at the moment is away from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age with the female energy. It is not surprising that a woman discovered the new method of producing the Love Remedies: the remedies of love, and the remedies of Venus.

“Let us celebrate Juta Stepanovs that she listened when she was given the recipe for the living essences. These new remedies will help us to find and travel the road of the Aquarian age with joy and love”, says Rosemarie Bauer.

Flower essences assist us in self-discovery, and reconnect us to our roots, to find our true purpose on earth. Every thought we have filters through our energy field that is then transferred to every living thing on earth. The more loving thoughts we have, the more we will start to send out love vibrations. This will be received by all, enabling them to make the changes necessary to deal with all the negativity around the world.
The Love Remedies, in particular though, are part of the new millennium. "The Piscean age that we have left behind was very much about sacrifice. The way essences were made in the Piscean age was to cut them from their life force so they could sacrifice for us to make us feel better. This was, of course, right at the time: the essences were within the Pisceans age vibration. But we have entered the new Age of Aquarius: a time of brotherhood, groups of people working together to expand their minds, who are not afraid of new things," says Rosemary.

Be a free spirit again. We have distanced ourselves so far from nature and from our souls purpose. The time has come to bring together our own knowledge and the gifts we have been given to share with others. The union between our soul, nature and our creator is the key to inner peace."