Flower essences like the Love Remedies bring about mental and emotional balance by primarily influencing our body’s energy systems. According to Gurudas, "Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing" and "The Spiritual Properties of Herbs", flower remedies are assimilated into the bloodstream when ingested or absorbed through our skin. The remedies create an electromagnetic current in the circulatory and nervous system and activate the meridians. They amplify and balance the chakras, the body’s energy centres, under the Indian energy system. The chakras in our physical body correspond closely to our body’s endocrine system, which governs all hormonal activity, and catalyses many of our mental, physical and emotional functions.

The flower essences influence our body’s energy system, which include the chakras, meridians and aura through the principle of resonance. All living things in nature influence each other by "tuning in" or vibrating in harmony with each other via resonance. For example, we are able to tune our radio to a particular station because we are tuning the crystals in the radio to resonate with the frequency that the radio station sends out. If you were to put two mechanical grandfather clocks together, with their pendulums swinging at different points in time, they will soon swing in accord through resonance.

Similarly, flower essences coax our body gently and powerfully to harmony by influencing the energy patterns in our body to vibrate in health and harmony with them.

Although flower essence societies and researchers have collected thousands of case studies that show flower essences successfully relieve people of their mental and emotional blocks, standard scientific experiments have had little success in proving or disproving the effectiveness of flower essences. That is because there is still has no technical means to research the "active ingredient" of flower essences, just as there is has no real technical means to measure life force. This makes the task of establishing why wild flower essences have a positive result an issue for modern medicine to solve. It is important for all of us that wild flower essences do work and only of interest to a minority of people why they work.