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Tea Tree Flower Essences
(Melaleuca ericafolia)

There are 170 different Tea Trees or Paper Barks, as they are called, in Australia. Melaleuca ericafolia, the swamp tea tree, thrives outstandingly well in swampy areas where nothing else grows. It also grows in dry areas, but more slowly. Melaleuca grows up to four meters high and has paper-thin, brown to grey bark. Its narrow leaves look needle-like and are two to eight cm long. The mostly white or sometimes creamy blossoms look like little bottlebrushes. The tea tree is one of the oldest and most widely used Australian traditional remedies. It is now well accepted internationally by natural therapists and medical practitioners alike mainly due to Dr. William L. Mayo’s research. Tea Tree oil has a broad spectrum of benefits. It is non-controversial, safe and has no negative side effects.

Tea Trees belong to the Myrtle and Eucalyptus families. They are characterised by their tremendous robustness. Even when burnt or cut down, Tea Trees grow again as long as the root systems remain intact. Over millions of years, Tea Trees have developed remarkable defences against fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites, which explains the beneficial properties of the oil.
The Tea Tree flowers for weeks at a time, several times a year.

Possible imbalances:

  • Extreme mental anguish
  • confusion
  • stuck in details, and unable to find a solution
  • inner struggle
  • often may suffer from physical weakness, shock, fear or grief

Positive influences of this flower essences:
  • Intellectual clarity for problems solving
  • regains inner strength and faith to heal past experiences
  • clarity and peace of mind
  • making room for constructive positive thinking

When taking the Love Remedies Tea Tree:
Visualise the white, bottle-shaped blossoms healing old limitations, clearing your path for the gift of clarity.

Affirmation: I am healed and embrace life.

15 ml Dosage Bottle

Use of the flower essences: Take 3 drops under the tongue 3-4 times daily or as advised by the therapist.

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£ 9,80  including VAT/GST + Delivery costs
Base price: £ 65,33 per 100ml
Delivery: within 2 - 5 days

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