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Australian Flower Essences 15 ml
(Archangelica archangelica)

If you have space for only one plant in the garden, plant the Angelica, you may need it! Angelica’s numerous healing properties were already praised in a book 6000 years ago.
In many religions Angelica is connected with the supernatural, especially the Archangels. In German-speaking countries, it is called Holy Ghost Root, Archangel Root, Tooth Root or Breast Root.

Angelica grows up to two metres high and likes damp, nitrogen-rich, loose soil. It is a very aromatic plant. Animals may eat it in small quantities, like a herbal treatment, but not as daily food. Angelica stands out proudly in open river flats or forest edges. Angelica flowers in early spring for two weeks, with its flowers towering over the plant. Angelica’s yellow/green flowers can looked subdued compared to most other flowers. They also have a subtle fragrance which can be overshadowed by the strongly spice scented leaf on hot days. The size and shape of the flower can inspire a feeling of confidence and strength.

Possible imbalances:

  • Doubts about the "right beliefs"
  • feelings of spiritual guilt
  • searching for a "master" with an underlying fear of wrong teachings
  • lack of confidence
  • psychological imbalances
  • disorientation
  • sluggishness, addiction and obsession.

Positive influences of this flower essences:
  • Brings clear insight for challenging times
  • draws one closer to the divine and the higher self
  • opens one up to angels
  • enhances meditation
  • clairvoyance and psychotherapy
  • Angelica is the spiritual remedy.

When taking the flower essences Angelica of Love Remedies:
Visualise the aromatic blossoms and invite the angels to gift you with trust in your own spiritual perception.

Affirmation: I trust my inner beliefs.

15 ml Dosage Bottle

Use of the flower essences: Take 3 drops under the tongue 3-4 times daily or as advised by the therapist.

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£ 9,80  including VAT/GST + Delivery costs
Base price: £ 65,33 per 100ml
Delivery: within 2 - 5 days

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