Selecting your Love Remedies flower essences

While some of us are happy to have a flower remedy practitioner or other healer select our essences, Juta believes that choosing our own remedies through our own intuition is best.

“Nobody knows your body as you do. You have all the answers to heal yourself. All you need is to trust and follow your own natural instincts again, just like animals instinctively know what to eat in the wild for their health.” Choosing your remedy is just as simple. It is often a matter of picking out the bottles you are drawn to.

Regain your power and follow your intuition and rediscover a New World within. Follow your inner guidance, select your own remedy, have trust and faith in your intuition. The essence you choose at any given moment is the right remedy for you.

Tapping in to your own inner wisdom, of course, has applications beyond flower remedies, if you’re willing to trust it. “Just ask your intuition and it will answer you in a fraction of a second, contrary to the logical mind, which is slow undecided. That doesn't mean that we should make hasty decisions. We just need to set aside the time to relax, then we are able to listen and understand the voice of our creator, which comes from within. Many of us stop trusting this voice in childhood when we are told what to do and how to do it.

Never before in history have we had so much knowledge on nutrition and health, but we have never been so confused about what to do with this information either. We are all individuals who react differently to various foods and treatments. What is medicine for one person, could be poison for another person.” explains Juta. Trusting one’s own intuition.

Trusting our own intuition can be difficult if we are not used to it. Many of us would rather have proof or a logical answer. Yet we forget that there are many things that science cannot explain either, like happiness, telepathy or the existence or non-existence of God. Harald always enjoys hearing about new scientific proof as to Why a particular natural remedy works, especially when people have used the remedy for thousands of years, not worrying about the science, but enjoying the benefits.

A young lady, Amy Harper, showed an interest in flower remedies and in the way to select the right remedies intuitively. She does not need labels. She said that she gets not only a “good feeling” by picking a remedy, but lots of information with every single one. Amy did not know about our selection. To do a little test for confirmation we selected 5 remedies, including Angelica, out of 60. Juta Stepanovs numbered the bottles and was the only one who knew which remedy was in each bottle. She sent the bottles to Amy. The day the parcel arrived, there was a message on Juta’s answering machine: “the number 5 bottle has unbelievable vibrations, it’s so powerful, taking me straight into a trance-like condition”. The number 5 bottle was the Angelica bottle! Even when you work a lot with intuition and trust in yourself, confirmations like this are always a wonderful gift.

Choosing by intuition

In consultations, the client chooses a Love Remedy or Remedies from 45 stockbottles.
Love Remedies stockbottel set for therapists

The stockbottle kit has been designed so that clients cannot read the bottle labels. All they see are the dropper bottle tops, which look identical. This encourages the client to make his or her choice purely based on intuition. For example some may just look at the remedies and a particular one will catch their eye. Others may choose a remedy by passing their hands over all the bottles with eyes open or closed. They may feel heat, stronger energy or other sensations that will tell them a particular bottle is right for them. Based on the flowers chosen, the practitioner then shares with the client information about the mental and emotional challenges they are facing.

Intuitive Success
Clients are often attracted to what they most need. Often their ability to pick remedies is uncanny. A lady one came to Juta after one of her public talks on Love Remedies and mentioned that she needed help coping with anger. This chat resulted in a private consultation the following day with her instinctively picking out Mountain Devil, which is a remedy for anger and resentment.

If clients need to work with a particular remedy for a longer time, many even choose the same remedy unerringly at different consultations. One example was a client who was a shy mild mannered fellow who had trouble asserting himself and expressing his opinions. He was also grappling with many changes in life on the relationship and career fronts. He chose Pittosporum, which helps with fear of change, hidden feelings and balance of male and female energy. About two weeks later, he instinctively chose the same remedy again since he was still working through the same issues. His intuition was able to identify the bottle, even though practitioner had rearranged the bottles and cleared the energy from other consultations during that two-week interval.

Become Your Own Healer
When you listen to your intuition, it will start to take over your logical mind and give the right guidance. Have trust and faith that what you are doing is right for you.

In the many seminars that I have conducted on natural healing I have found, in testing my audience, that people make the right decision intuitively. I gave everyone a plant and asked, “What does this plant tell you?” The result was astonishing. People, who have never heard about or seen the plant, answer spontaneously. After closer examination I repeatedly found that the particular plant was used through history for the condition described by the person holding the plant. Coincidence? I am sure that we all have the same sense as animals do - an "unbelievable" instinct. Until recently I believed that we had to be in a peaceful, relaxed condition to find the right plant or essence. But even under stress, we are obviously able to make the "right" decision. A person who is jealous or otherwise disturbed does not have self-love. If someone doesn't want help, he or she cannot expect help and will probably select treatments for even more self-punishment.Not long ago, Juta discovered that the power of intuition can also serve you even if you do not want to be helped. “Recently a young man came to me, who, from his point of view, had unsolvable problems. I asked him to select an essence. He did not believe in my "flower juice,” and that a few drops of this simple remedy could help, but I was persistent and asked him several times during our conversations, to pick a bottle. After further pressure from me, he told me that he would pick a bottle only because I insisted, not because he believed in the essences. From afar, he then pointed and said "give me the third bottle from the left on the lowest row”. I was curious to see what essence he had chosen since the labels where not visible. To my astonishment and the surprise of two other witnesses, it was an empty, unused bottle I had forgotten about – though it had a label. After being puzzled for a moment, I smiled - the young man did not want any help, and his intuition gave him his wish. Coincidence? His desire to suffer was so strong that it had become part of his belief system and at this time he simply could not receive the healing available Seminars about Love Remedies are held in all sorts of environments, from conference rooms in 5 star hotels to a natural clearing in the bush.

Selecting intuitively with Love Remedies cards
Love Remedies flower cards

The Love Remedy cards are a tool for spiritual self-discovery and transformation.

The messages received from the Realm of flowers help us to identify negative blockages, resolve and release old beliefs patterns, heal emotionally, develop trust and inner peace, renew and awaken the spiritual energy of Love.