Love Remedies Australian Flower Essences

Juta Stepanovs Methode der Love Remedies

Advantages of the Stepanovs Method

  • The value of the Love Remedies cannot be overestimated when dealing with acute and chronic diseases caused by emotional and mental stress.

  • With the Stepanovs Method, no part of the plant is cut or destroyed to make the alpha essences. This means, the plants go through no trauma and create more balanced, harmonious essences.

  • Because the plant remains wholly intact as the remedy is made, it carries the energy of wholeness, creates healing for the whole person-in mind, body and spirit.

  • The alpha essence is filtered and lifted up by the plants root system from great depths. No external water sources, or artificially processed water is used. This ensures water contains no unfavourable memories of artificial processing.

  • The alpha essence has the memory of this plant and its specific location only. The water for each individual flower essences carries other unique physical properties that such specific mineral content and acid/alkaline levels. These could well form an additional physical healing component to the flower remedies.

  • The essences are collected from flowers growing at their fullest potential in specific places in the wild that support its species. Essences from such plants embody qualities of independence resourcefulness, resilience and memories of an environment that supports it.

  • The essences contain vibrational frequencies of living flowers or plant parts. They were not extracted in the flower’s first stage of death.

  • The essences have been given to us as a gift of love from nature.

  • The greatest gift we all have is LOVE.